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Jelastic Says Java PaaS Version 1.8.2 Means New Cloud Hosting Opportunities

by Liam Eagle

Platform as a service cloud software developer Jelastic said on Tuesday that the newly-released version 1.8.2 of its Java platform-as-a-service cloud hosting software could create new market opportunities for cloud hosting providers, enabling, among other things, new customer account types for bandwidth limitations and tiered pricing.

Jelastic provides a software platform for delivering platform-as-a-service cloud hosting for Java applications (with support for other languages in the pipeline). By offering its platform to hosting providers, rather than directly to end users, Jelastic says it can enable service providers to compete with PaaS players like Google and Heroku.

In the press release announcing the new version, Jelastic cites Forrester Reasearch projections that put the PaaS market at 9.8 billion US by 2015, a big potential opportunity for hosting providers who generally lack the tools to compete in the PaaS market.

Version 1.8.2, says Jelastic, contains a few key new features for service providers. It enables system updates with no downtime by taking advantage of the fact that the platform runs on two independent, but identical, servers, putting one machine in standby while it updates.

The new version also supports bandwidth limitations for different types of accounts, which enables service providers to use caps to ensure customers sharing resources are not able to negatively impact each other’s performance.

The update also adds support for tiered pricing, enabling hosting providers to create user profile categories based on traffic usage, and reward their most active users with lower per-GB prices for traffic when they use more.

Jelastic says it has also improved its quality assurance monitoring system, with a subsystem for notifying publishers and subscribers about monitoring events, as well as new analysis charts and reports.

Along with the improvements focused on service providers, Jelastic says version 1.8.2 includes a range of new features for end users, including an elastic VDS with root access for every user, a memcached node that optimizes memory use and the ability to create environments without application logic nodes, as well as new tutorials and guides within the interface.

Jelastic’s hosting-channel focus is one of the business-model focuses of the investment firm Runa Capital, for which Jelastic is a key investment. On Tuesday, Serguei Beloussov, one of Runa’s founders as well as a founder (and long-time CEO) of Parallels, shared some of Runa Capital’s investing philosophy in a guest post on TechCrunch.

Jelastic’s focus on hosting providers led to its launch via several close hosting partners.

In August, Jelastic launched its cloud hosting platform in the UK with hosting provider partner Layershift.

In Japan, Jelastic is working with local hosting provider Tsukeru according to a June announcement. In May, Jelastic launched its platform in Russia with hosting provider Rusonyx.

The company says its partners have together signed up more than 25,000 users since the Jelastic platform first launched in partnership with hosting provider ServInt in the US and Dogado in Europe.

Talk back: Do you think the new Jelastic features will create new opportunities for cloud hosting providers? Do you like the new features? Do you have a strategy for competing in the PaaS cloud hosting market, and have you considered working with Jelastic? How important is capping resource usage for individual accounts to ensuring performance, in your experience. Let us know in the comments.

Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012