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iWeb Unveils New Corporate Identity

by The new website is the first visible effort in a s

iWeb Group Inc., a worldwide internet hosting infrastructure provider, last week unveiled its brand new corporate identity along with a new website now available at iweb.com. The deployment of the website under the domain name is an important element for the consolidation of the company's brand.

The company states that the new website is the first visible effort in a series of improvements which will be unveiled in the coming months and which will include new products, but also an all new ordering process, and a recasting of the Customer Hub, iWeb's control panel used by customers to manage every aspect of their hosting plan. This new image of the company is the next step in the consolidation of iWeb's position alongside the leaders of the evolving web hosting industry, and also to make room for a renewed and improved services offer.

"This new site is an important step in the process of affirming iWeb's identity and in the differenciation of the company in front of the competition", explains Martin Leclair, Chief Operation Officer at iWeb. "Our ultimate goal is to transform and facilitate the use of our hosting infrastructures and the server or shared hosting management by giving more control to our users, by speeding the services delivery, and by offering unique, user-friendly and attractive online tools", he adds.

"For many months, every department joined forces to produce a new user-friendly website, from design and accessibility, to the great variety of offered services", explains Hugo Dénommée, VP Development and Automation. "We are very proud of what has been accomplished and of the results are now public", he says.

Monday, Mar 24th, 2008