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Is your web hosting provider reliable. Your page rank rely on it.

by online-central

I host currently host with a company called http://www.onlinerack.com. It has been an excellent choice for me; Prices are awesome and the speed is the super fast. I am not asking you to check out onlinerack out, but have you done any research on your web hosting company. Many times, you spend the time in building a great website. You invest a ton of time and effort, you make money investment trying to get a high ranking website, and then you don't. One huge factor in your website ranking. If Google spider comes to your website and finds it unavailable, all the work and money you have put in, goes down the waste side. Also, how many times your start hosting with a company then you end up losing your website and your money because the company was shut down! Trust this always happens. Do you really trust your web hosting company with your investment. Many people don't realize how important it is to have a fast website beside the fact that it is always available.

Doing a research on a webhosting company can be long and brutle. You can spend days going through forms and review sites that don't quite give you the answer you are looking for. During my research, I found a website called http://www.webhosting-review.com. Webhosting-Review is an awesome web site, that gives you true reviews by people just like me and you. You can search for a web hosting company of your choice and check the reviews that has been added for that company. If you don't find a company there, you can add it for others to review even if you are not the company owner. Webhosting-review provides true an accurate reviews and rating system. I have hosted with many companies in the past, and I felt that I was getting ripped off everytime. I cannot say that webhosting-review should be your only stop to verify the reliability of the web hosting company you plan and hosting with, but it should definitely be on the list. The url is http://www.webhosting-review.com it is definitely worth checking before it is too late.

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Tuesday, Jul 17th, 2007