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Is Being a Web Hosting Reseller As Good As it Appears?

by Allan Michael Taylor

The word is out: being a web hosting reseller is very popular thing and it provides the potential to greatly grow your revenue in a way which you never imagined before. Sounds like a lot of hype isn't it? Well, even though that statement may certainly appear similar to a lot of those frustrating, Web-based advertising gimmicks that certain less than reputable fly by night companies love to bombard you with on a regular basis, the simple fact is that there is indeed some truth to this claim.

The simple truth is, many thousands of people all over the world already bear witness to the fact that you can make a large amount of income from staying a reseller hosting provider, particularly if you are able to offer your clients limitless hosting on the windows platform.

Reseller hosting will permit you--and in reality practically anyone--to perform pretty much like a standalone primary web host. Actually as far as your customers and end users are worried you are certainly a hosting company and they can deal with you directly for their entire hosting needs. The reality of it all however is that what you are actually doing in purchasing an predetermined account space from the primary service provider and dividing all this space up into separate accounts that can be shared by all of your individual customers. This arrangement has become standard practice in the present day world of Internet hosting and provides a great way for people with limited financial means to pour into starting up their own hosting company the ability to offer services at greatly reduced rates to their own clients.

Depending on the offer that you as a reseller will sign up for with your primary hosting company, you may be in charge for creating, setting up and otherwise maintaining the various aspects of all of your customer's individual accounts. Some packages will even handle all the various aspects of your customer's accounts but suffice it to say, reseller hosting will allow you to offer basic services with appreciably less technical involvement than you would have if you were a primary service provider. Even the day-to-day concerns such as technical support for example, (which in itself is a very crucial component of the whole hosting infrastructure) is typically left to the responsibility of the primary provider. You may further find that most primary hosting companies may also take care of all the billing concerns for you.

If it appears that there really is quite little to the business of reseller hosting, you are right to some extent. Being largely free from the technical and maintenance duties of running the network, your primary task will then be to concentrate on pulling in as many customers as possible to sign up with your service. Your clients are the lifeblood of your business as a reseller and obviously the more customers who sign up for your services, the higher your earnings will be.

Sunday, Feb 14th, 2010