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Introduction to Web hosting

by marcclinton

Are you an owner of a business that is providing the online services or it is an online store? Are you looking to start a website for your favorite hobby or for your favorite Hollywood star that can be visited by internet surfing people? Are you in a company that is looking to provide their services to all over the world through their internet website? Are you an individual who are looking to start freelancing website through your own website? The best answer for all these questions is Web hosting service and it can help you to reach almost all the people in the world.

Whenever you think about presenting the content online, you need to think about an internet website and internet website can only be host with the web host services. The internet pages for your website are stored on the servers that are maintained by the web hosting service providers. Whenever you website is accessed by an individual, page is displayed from the web hosting servers. One of the most important considerations to be kept in mind while designing a website is the prominent display of information related to the status of the system. It is imperative to show the user that in response to his action, something has started to work behind the scenes, and that the request they have made is being processed. If this information is not made available, the user might think that the website is down with some problem, and might shift to another site. The most common way is to refresh the page. But as the web technology is reaching greater heights, new ways such as the AJAX technology are coming up. Using AJAX, one part of the whole page can be refreshed, thus bringing in greater level of interactivity.

Another way of providing feedback to the user is to use visual banners. The website can be programmed to flash some banners, or highlight a link or a button when a particular event occurs. For example, when a list is being made, some button or something can be made to glow as item is being added to the list. Very pretty and attractive animated symbols can be designed using JavaScript.

The internet pages are displayed in the internet browser of the user and they are accessed through the file transfer protocol. So, web hosting server can store only those contents that can be accessed through the internet. Apart from the simple web pages, web hosting server allows the streaming data like video and audio files, pictures and databases.

Thursday, Jan 21st, 2010