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Integrated Approach to Internet Strategy for Business

by Ajay Prasad

India is a country of color, of unity in diversity and of culture. It’s a land of the saints and seers. It’s a land where languages change every six miles. At the behest of a technically demanding world, India has now also turned into a trusted destination where software development firms have invested in millions and results have already been quite satisfactory. Abundance of human resource, good connectivity with all global destinations and investment friendly environment make India a top choice for foreign firms for outsourcing. Offshore development India firms working on behalf of parent European countries now offer all types of software solutions at really attractive rates. Hence, growth and investment have shown a decent merge.

Software development firms in India work on all types of software projects. Industry and firm specific custom software development projects are also brilliantly handled by the India outsourced software companies. An offshore development company India also boasts of satisfying regular back-office, helpdesk and supports processes. BPO and call centers for software as well as travel and other segments have also been set up to serve to the global clienteles. Offshore software development company in India offers various services such as ASP.net and PHP software development and also helps clients’ dependency on Manpower which otherwise may have cost them a whale.

Software development is a specialized task and it generally involves big investments and specialized workforce. Outsourcing the same to an India based software development firm, a company can easily get web based products/services developed at lower costs. Some of the major advantages of software development outsourcing to an offshore destination are as follows:

Access to specialized labor at low costs
Cutting operational costs
Research and development can be done at reduced costs
Reducing training costs
Reducing expenditure on software

Apart from India, other Asian countries like China and Philippines have also been top choices for outsourcing these days. So, the outsourcing scene is quite lucrative in Asia!

Wednesday, Oct 14th, 2009