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Install BFD on Windows Dedicated server Hosting

by Carl Owen

There will always be hackers and spammers looking to bring your machine down, so it is important that your servers are fully secured and you will have the correct resources so that your server will be secured from this attack. Installing some softwares for the server security is one of the steps to keep the your server secured from the hackers and spammers who are looking for your Dedicated Servers. Also installing BFD for Brute force hack attempts will help you to secure your server. You should have APF firewall installed on your server for installing BFD as if you do not have that this will not work.

Following are some of the steps which will help you to install BFD on your Windows Dedicated servers:

1) Login to the root and cd root/downloads (where you have store your files)

2) Use the SSH command of wget as follows:

wget http://www.rfxnetworks.com/downloads/bfd-current.tar.gz

3) Use the SSH command of tar as follows:

tar –xvzf bfd-current.tar.gz

4) Use the SSH command of cd as follows:

5) Run the ./install.sh file.

6) Once this is complete, you’ll receive the following message that alerts to you a proper installation:

.: BFD installed
Install path: /usr/local/bfd
Config path: /usr/local/bfd/conf.bfd
Executable path: /usr/local/sbin/bfd

7) Now, edit the configuration file: pico /usr/local/bfd/conf.bfd

Enable brute force hack attempt alerts:


Find: EMAIL_USR=”root” CHANGE TO: EMAIL_USR=”your@yourdomain.com”

9) Save the changes: Ctrl+X then Y

10) Prevent locking yourself out!

pico -w /usr/local/bfd/ignore.hosts and add your own trusted IPs

11) Save the changes: Ctrl+X then Y

Note : BFD uses APF’ cli insert feature and as such will override any allow_hosts.rules entries users have in-place. So be sure to add your trusted ip addresses to the ignore file to prevent locking yourself out.

9. Run the program!
/usr/local/sbin/bfd -s

10. Customize your applicatoins brute force configuration
Check out the rules directory in your /usr/local/bfd

Here you’ll find all kinds of pre-made rules for popular services such as Apache, and ProFTPD w00t!
You can customize them or create new rules for enhanced brute force detection and prevent attacks If you have any clue about shell scripting.

Saturday, Oct 24th, 2009