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HughesNet Provides High Speed Internet Service All Over The States

by Julia Hall

HughesNet Provides High Speed Internet Service All Over The States

As web content has grown more and more information intensive, high speed Internet has become the standard that many people rely on to take full advantage of being online. For example, if you've ever tried to use a dial up Internet connection to surf the web, you probably know that the experience is so different that it's almost like there are two different Internets: one for dial up users and one for broadband users. After all, the Flash presentations, digital music downloads, online virtual reality games, and streaming video that are commonplace for a high speed Internet user are virtually inaccessible to a user of dial up.

Unfortunately, most people think that dial up is the only form of Internet service available in many parts of the country that are still outside of the reach of broadband cable, wireless hot spots, and DSL (which can only marginally be considered a high speed Internet connection). However, anyone who argues that high speed Internet is only available in limited areas obviously doesn't know about HughesNet.

HughesNet provides high speed Internet to customers all over the continental United States- regardless of where they live or work. That's because Hughes Net high speed Internet service operates independently of cables, phone lines, and wireless routers. Instead it relies on satellite technology to deliver fast, reliable, and secure Internet service.

If you sign up for HughesNet's high speed Internet service, you'll have a satellite modem and a special satellite dish that can send as well as receive satellite signals installed at your home or small business. Once the system is up and running, you'll have a full time Internet connection which means that you can sit down at your computer and get right on the Internet without having to waste time by dialing in. When you click on a link through your web browser, a request for a web page or other document will be sent from your satellite dish up to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth's equator. The satellite will then relay the request down to HughesNet's servers which will then process the request and then send the document back up to the satellite. The satellite will then send the document back down to your satellite dish which will then send it to your satellite modem and your computer. Your computer will then display the document in the web browser. The entire process only takes a small fraction of a second to process and- with download speeds of up to 2 megabytes per second- almost no time at all to actually download.

The fact that HughesNet's service is independent of any kind of phone line or cable means that if you rely on the Internet to make a living and for contact with the outside world, you can live almost anywhere you want. HughesNet high speed satellite Internet is equally available in huge metropolitan areas as well as the middle of the woods. The only requirements are that you have a source of power for the equipment and a clear line of sight to the southern sky.

HughesNet is focused on providing more than just a high speed connection to its customers. HughesNet also wants to ensure that its customers get the most enjoyable and trouble free Internet service possible. That's why it provides email addresses and tech support with every account. You'll also have the option of having other services like web hosting, a portable dial up account for when you travel, and an advanced Internet security software suite added onto your account. Clearly, HughesNet is the Internet service provider of choice for anyone who cares about flexibility, convenience, and value. Find more information about the current HughesNet Promotional Offers.

Wednesday, Feb 7th, 2007