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How Windows Virtual Server Can Help Small Business Owners

by articlenic

Windows virtual server offers a great help to the small business owners, who work on windows desktop applications and software. Many self-employed individuals or small to medium companies need use internet as a real business tool. But they are not capable of heavily investing in their business to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. Fortunately, the Windows virtual server brings great solutions for them. It is much more expensive than the dedicated servers, but has almost all the benefits of a dedicated server.

Your expanding e-business has reached a point whereas you do not want to be confined within the limits of shared hosting and want a more powerful hosting solution. But you have not enough capital for supporting the costs of server hardware, IT management and network infrastructure. Ok, don't get frustrated. Most of the start-ups can hardly bear such one-time or large monthly expenses to provide them with the IT infrastructure or management they require.

Windows virtual server will provide you with the high security, excellent services, speed and near-continuous uptime facilities of a dedicated hosting. Windows virtual server hosting technology divides one physical server into a number of virtual servers.

How Windows Virtual server system works

The system uses isolation of partitions to separate sections of the server. While there will be one root partition running on a Windows Server, the technology of Hyper-V will allow the server to create sub partitions. These sub partitions act as individual servers but running off one server. The sub partitions don't have access to the hardware directly. Rather, these partitions simply get a view of the hardware, and its more in a virtual environment.

Now windows hosting providers take a single server and split the costs among two or more customers allowing each customer to pay less by sharing the costs of the physical host server.

Now all customers or subscribers housed in their respective virtual servers enjoy the security and services offered by a dedicated server. WVS has its own booting applications and software and allows the subscribers maintain their own web servers, mail servers and security systems.

Windows Virtual server is cost effective. With it, you can retain all the power you would expect from windows dedicated servers but only pay a fraction of the cost. If you have multiple windows servers in your office, which take up a lot of room, power and management, you can reduce operational costs and hardware cost by introducing windows virtual server. Therefore, you can convert your current dedicated servers into Windows WV servers instantly.

There are many Windows VS hosting providers, who offer this economical solution to help small businesses run the multiple servers. They will provide you with all the great benefits of multiple windows servers such as you will get root and administrator access, terminal server/RDP and will be able to select from any Windows OS you prefer. The WVS hosting providers will provide you with everything you need and would expect from a dedicated server but in return of a small monthly fee.

Thus, with Windows Virtual server, you will be able to save operational cost and improve performance.

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Wednesday, Sep 23rd, 2009