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How to Transfer Your Web Site to a New Web Hosting Service?

by marcclinton

You may be one of those online business owners who want to change their new web hosting providers for numerous reasons. This ranges from poor technical support from your hosting provider, frequent server shutdown. You might also encounter problems in your hosting provider as it cannot meet your hosting needs. The most obvious reason is being able to find a less costly web hosting service.
Because of any of the reasons stated above, you have decided to shift your loyalty to a better web hosting service, but you don't know exactly how to transfer your website to your present hosting service. Here is a quick procedure and guide you can use to be able to do the job easily and accurately.
Schedule of Transfer
It is recommended that you plan the transfer. The best date to do it is a month before termination of your previous web hosting plan. This is for you to be able ample time to complete the transfer smoothly. It would be risky for you to do the transfer in lesser time frame; your site can be inaccessible at any point in time.
Register the New Web Hosting Service
Once you have planned the date that you are going to terminate your previous web hosting service, sign up for the new one. Normally, the new web hosting account will be arranged in a day; but this does not apply for other web hosting providers.
Backup of Files
Once done with the registration, you can use the time waiting for your account to be established by backing up all the files from your previous web hosting account. In a lot of cases, you have probably backed up all the files on your local computer. But, it would be better if you will backup all your web files from the old web hosting server. Adding to your common HTML files, you may be required to backup script, database and server log files. This means that you need to make a structural directory which is alike with your web server's directory structure. Right after, download each of the files in from their particular directories.
Upload Your Files
Next up, your new web hosting provider will be sending you a notification letter which tells you that your new web hosting account has already been set up. The e-mail shall contain essential information such as FTP server information which you can use to upload your files through FTP. You can begin doing this by first making directory structures on the web server and upload each of the files to their particular directories.

Thursday, Jan 21st, 2010