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How to select a webhost

by smita

Many a person gets puzzled while choosing a web hosting service provider. And it is obvious because many of them don’t know what factors to be considered in choosing a Webhost. May it be your own personal website or for your business, it is always necessary to take the help of a reliable web hosting service provider. Everyone is not expected to be IT savvy, so an external help is requisite. An effort of every webmaster is to get the best service provider as far as possible.

You will come across thousands of web hosting companies with huge promises while searching the Internet. You will surely get confused with all their promises and discounted offers. If you prioritize the various points in selecting a Web hosting, it will go as follows:

First, you need to consider how much web space you need to run your website properly. It is the basis of all consideration as you can not compromise with the space. To make your website run properly your web hoster must provide with sufficient space. It depends on how the site is created and designed. If you add graphics and videos, you will need more space. More and more things you introduce in your site, you will need more space. So consider the space your host can provide in given range or plan.

Second, the location should be within the same time zone. This is obvious that if you are based at Asia and have US server it may occur unexpected downtime. It is always better that for an Australia based client to access Aussie web server.

Third, price is the basic determinant which plays a big role in deciding which Webhost to go for. Plans and packages vary widely. Again, the best package must bring in desired results. You can not compromise with your quality. Payment structure is monthly or yearly is a point of consideration. You need to compare the price with other hosting service provider.

Fourth, a web hosting provider gives you a time to time supply of bandwidth generally a month after month. Bandwidth is the quantity of information your website can allocate to visitors who surfs your website. A visitor when downloads something from your website, they are nothing but using bandwidth. Initially a website is visited by a less number of persons; so to start with, a minimum bandwidth can serve the purpose.

Fifth, Email services, everyone wants to provide with the email address of the concerned domain for authenticity atleast. You should have access to some minimal email addresses for your website.

Sixth, Other features are also to be considered before going for Web hosting service provider. You need to ensure a 99.99% uptime for your site along with other features. Reliability, being the first and foremost thing need not be categorized. So without heeding into these factors it may be difficult to go for a web hosting service provider.


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