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How to Measure the Quality of Your Website

by Yogesh Patel

It is a very intricate thing to measure the value of a website as well as the web quality. Those who visit your website can make clear decision on how they perceive the quality of a certain company thus the website that they own will be rated also. Having negative comments and reactions on a certain website could greatly affect the image of a certain business or company and will make an impact on its sales and on the services.

An experienced web design company has gathered some points that should be taken into consideration before undertaking into a web development and web design.

Here are some of the points:

• The conversion and the visual impact of your company should be considered.
• The kind of audience being targeted upon
• The choice of navigation and layout of information
• The legal and the regulatory requirements
• A site copy and tone used throughout
• The choice of images and other presentational elements
• The security and speed of both site content and functional logic
• The process for each common path within the site
• The selection and performance of all functional elements
• The promotional methods used
• The compatibility requirements of your website

The most important aspect in the quality of a website is credibility. A certain web site has offered some of the information that talks about the web quality online. This includes the landing pages, advertisements and site quality guidelines.

The three key features of having a web quality

• Transparency
• Relevant and original content
• Navigability

Not only by going through these guidelines that you will be able to produce a quality website. Feedback’s from audience doe really matter in putting up your page quality. Helping internet dependent people in finding trustworthy information on your site, getting search results quickly and augmenting your web pages are some of the interesting ways to help your website become of quality.

The author is an expert website design, online marketing and bespoke ecommerce and Web Performance specialist. His focus is in the web page design and the success of websites. Emphasizing on online sales, queries handling and expert knowledge on websites have made him rich in the subject of web design and web quality.

Monday, Jul 11th, 2011