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How to Get the Most Out of Hosting Support

by Brock Williams

Hosting support is crucial to any business, and having agood tech support team is a necessity for a smooth running company. Techsupport is useful when they have the information that they need to fix the problem,and the clients are useful when they supply the correct information to the techsupport team. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your tech hostingsupport team.

Be precise in your communication with the hosting team. Tellthe technicians specifically what’s going on when you have a problem. Keeprecord of the error messages on your site and explain exactly what task youwere performing when the error occurred. Let the technician know the type ofhardware and software you are using and what type of internet connection youhave.

Report issues as soon as they happen, don’t wait until dayslater. The issue may be resolved very quickly and easily. Call the help desknot the main customer service number. Also do not send an email of your problem,talk to a tech or at least someone that can put your problem ticket requestthrough.

Always follow up with your request. Check your site daily tolook for email responses to your problem request. When the technicians ask foradditional information, provide it to them in a timely manner. Let thetechnicians know if his or her solution worked or not, they appreciate thefeedback, and it is good the open communication lines. Trouble shooting andgood communication is key to solving any technical problem in a timely fashion.

When you are initially searching for a web hosting team itis recommended that you check their customer rating and reviews to see if theyrespond to their clients in a timely fashion. Also when you have decided on awebhosting company it is best to test them out and see how quickly they respondto your request. If it takes a week to respond then you definitely want tothink about changing hosting sites. A hosting site should be there for you24/7; they should be able to answer your questions fairly quickly and if theycan’t they should let you know that they may have to investigate further. Givethem a little time but after that time period follow up and check on the statusof your request.

The best way to get the most out of your web hosting supportis ton be precise, report issues promptly, talk to the helpdesk directly,follow up and always communicate everything, and check your site every day.

Check emails regularly and stay on top of your helpdesk. The issues you havemay be solved quickly if you report issues as soon as they occur.

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Saturday, Oct 10th, 2009