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How To Create Your Own Website

by Grrajesh Kumar

Before you create your own website, you need to list the basic requirements for designing/hosting a website.

Web Designing

Decide the purpose of your website. Is it for blogging, or for advertising? Is it content-driven or focused on link building? This will provide you a clear idea on the look-and-feel of your website. The points you need to consider are:


  • Text



  • Layout



  • Navigation



  • Keyword analysis


    Domain Name Registration

    You need to have your domain name registered. Alternatively, you can have your website hosted on another domain names. Check out comparative price/services for domain name registration.

    Web Hosting

    Select a web hosting service that meets your design requirements in 2nd Step. Compare web hosting services, look out for criteria-driven searches, expert reviews, and question-answer processes.


    Space is a major issue in the online space. You need to decide how many pages will your website provide, and how much of host disk space will it occupy? What’s your estimated monthly traffic? Also, what web authoring software will you use? Look out for formulas and calculators on search engines.

    Web Development

    This is a very crucial stage of building the website. After fixing the graphics and content flow, the technical aspects of fixing the HTML, source codes, programming languages need to be done. This has to be followed by testing, validating, and uploading.

    Website Promotion

    Now that you’ve developed your site, your next task is to get it indexed. Then you need to submit your site to search engines, like Google, Yahoo, MSN, by following various submission strategies and keyword selection. There are a whole set of rules on search engine optimization (SEO) to draw maximum targeted traffic to your website and earn revenue from it.

    Website Maintenance

    Last but not the least is maintenance of your website regular updating, links testing, host performance, and traffic analysis.

  • Monday, Feb 12th, 2007