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How to create a SEO friendly flash website

by Neeraj Arora

It can be said that a SEO friendly flash website needs sound foundation that consists of the basic steps about how to make maximum use of flash and get a website that looks good apart from having the capacity to attract enough visitors. SEO friendly flash website can be made from a simple procedure.

Steps To Create a SEO friendly flash website

Create A Nice Homepage Title & Meta Tags - In order to have an impact full flash website, you need to have a nice page title, a Meta description part and some good usage of Meta keywords for the website. One basic thing that one has to keep in mind is that the SEO friendly flash website is no way similar to the Simple websites and due to this reason the course of action has to be different. A SEO friendly flash website does not need to have a stand-alone indexing page as with this there is no need to add a unique title to each and every webpage of the website. The title tags and the Meta tags used in a website need to be both good and sufficient for the entire website. One needs to think hard and come with the keywords that suit the entire website and not just any particular page. One should never make use of spam within the Meta tags as these tags need to contain a brief description of the website. At the time of creating a website, one has to use only some specific keywords for which one wants to acquire high rankings.

Utilization of NOSCRIPT Command - This is a highly imperative command when it comes to the creation of a flash website. The usability and the results of this command, vary on the basis of the effectualness in which it has utilized. These NOSCRIPT tags are generally used as a text replacement in Flash elements in the browser. These tags only become visible when the flash and the JavaScript is on.
One can also create text-based representations that are in flash and make use of no embed tags.

Apart from both these construction elements, one has to have a complete understanding about how flash websites are able to get high rankings. One tip that every website creator who is creating a website has to keep in mind is that both the page title and Meta descriptions needs to be descriptive. If one does not keep these things in mind, then one would definitely end up with a SEO friendly flash website that is either not looking great or is not satisfying the SEO motive for which it has been created.

All said and done, SEO friendly flash website has some basic elements such as HTML pages, tags and some specific commands that have to be kept in mind always to come out with something extraordinary.

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Article written by Mr. Neeraj Arora, Marketing Director of Himalayan IT Group, web design India and SEO company India.

Sunday, Nov 8th, 2009