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How to choose Dedicated Servers

by Leif Cage

A dedicated server is a computer that is rented by web hosting company, fully dedicated to a client. The client only runs the software on server while the service provider manages the infrastructure, hardware, connectivity and routing systems. Typically a dedicated server is used by customers who require large amounts of disk space and bandwidth, consume large processing capabilities, high-performance websites, web hosting companies or those that require specific features. These dedicated servers are housed in data centers where companies can monitor them closely and with ease of physical access to any event.

The great advantage of these servers, as opposed to shared, is the amount of resources and control that are available to the client. In many cases the client has the ability to install any software, thus providing great flexibility and management options. Unlike shared hosting clients, they do not share server resources, so you can withdraw the full potential of the machine to "use" itself.

There are currently two types of dedicated servers. Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers . Unmanaged Dedicated Servers simply means that the customer will have to completely manage the server to perform tasks such as software updates, application patches, system restore, software installation and security checks. The customer is responsible for running the server. Moreover, the web hosting company will have the responsibility to provide connectivity and repair any hardware problems. Many companies offer partial management services such as network monitoring, software updates, among others. The option of an unmanaged dedicated server is more suitable for users with experience in running these machines.

Managed Dedicated Servers makes the maintenance and smooth operation of the company's hosting service. By hiring a dedicated server in those circumstances the company will have the responsibility to keep their software current, applying patches, for the security and the robustness of the hardware, monitor connectivity in the network and external Internet, etc.. This option is ideal for users with no experience in server management, or lack of time for these complicated tasks.

Things to consider while hiring a Dedicated Server

When choosing a dedicated server you will need to consider certain aspects, such as operating system, hardware options required, disk space, bandwidth, among other ... There are several possibilities to choose between operating system based on Linux and Windows. This option is directly related to what you want to run the server, including software that will be installed.

The hardware is also critical, and the processor is one of the most important part. You will need to choose one that is capable of performing the tasks you want, also considering the available memory, disk space, firewall options, etc.. Bandwidth can also be adjusted to your needs and negotiated with the web hosting provider.

Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 2010