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How Much Money Is Your Website Worth?

by Steve Hill

Have you ever wondered what your website is worth on the open market? Do you understand that the older your domain becomes and the more you market your website, the higher its value becomes? Have you ever considered selling your website? These are questions that every webmaster should ask themselves from time to time, especially when sales start to dry up or their adsense earnings start to lower.

I have been learning the ins and outs of internet marketing for a number of years now and am often left quite shocked by the way in which a lot of webmasters do not realise that their website promotion should be seen as a long term project. Instead of taking this long term and patient view with their site, they attempt and expect to become rich via their website in just a few months.

I have known many webmasters who start out with the right attitude. They have a great looking site with interesting and useful content and work very hard in the first few months to then promote the site. They do this in a variety of different ways that I have normally explained to them, but then after just a few months they seem to lose interest just like a child who has been bought a new toy.

As an example I have a friend who at one point was writing an average of twenty articles per week, to promote his website. This lasted for around nine weeks before he basically got bored. He stated that the results were not as good as he had expected and that he was upset that he had not managed to achieve any top ten rankings for his main keywords in Google.

He had worked hard but to be fair had only concentrated on article marketing as a way of marketing his website, this of course was not what I had advised. I do however wonder how his site would now be doing now, a year on, if he had managed to continue writing his articles.

He has decided not to renew the domain of his site which I again think is a mistake. I treat every website that I have as a piece of real estate which I can sell at any stage of the future. Just think for a while how much a page rank six website would be worth, with even more promotion and in lets say another ten years this site could and reach a pr7 and beyond.

Tuesday, Jan 9th, 2007