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How Managed Hosting Can Help You

by Derek Rogers

In today's busy and competitive industry, down time for companies is just not an option. In the past when a company's CPU failed, that meant big trouble. The time it would take to either replace the CPU or rebuild it had the potential to completely cripple the company. In today's market, there is no time to rebuild or replace and many companies do not even have the option. However, with new breakthroughs companies once scared of rebuilding and replacing no longer have any reason to worry. With new Managed Hosting the worry of CPU failure no longer has to be a nightmare.

Managed Hosting is a safe and reliable way to back up the information from your CPU in the case of a crash or system failure. The SANServe managed hosting system is not only extremely reliable, but is much cheaper than many of the forms of back-up out there today. With the SANServe system you can work at ease knowing that in the case of a CPU failure the Managed Hosting server can 100% backup your CPU and can provide extremely fast recovery for date corruption!

Not only does the Managed Hosting offer backup for your CPU, but it also offers much more. It can provide you with Data Transfer systems, a 24-hour dedicated firewall which will monitor and manage your CPU and other storage systems. It offers Load Balancing, which is beneficial to large and small companies because it allows all the systems to share the same load rather than one machine being overloaded.

With Managed Hosting you are guaranteed 100% uptime, some companies promise that you will have 100% of your network availability or you will receive 10% of your monthly fee back per half day and even up to 100% of the monthly fee! They can also offer a one hour hardware fix, meaning that if your hardware is not fixed within the hour, you get 5% of your monthly fee back! Along with instant system recovery, meaning that if your system is not being worked on in ten minutes and is not fixed in the hour, you get 10% of your monthly fee back! Seemingly most important, they can offer you our year round support.

Now think about it. Your server crashes and you do not have SANServe Managed Hosting. You have no support to call, your hardware is not backed up, your network is not available, your system cannot be recovered and you have clients waiting in your office for their promised information. Can you really afford to lose those clients, or will they be so understanding as to wait another three weeks to get those documents. I would not want to find out! SANServe Managed Hosting is the top of the line back-up system for your top of the line company.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who writes for a number of UK businesses. For Business Internet Services and Managed Hosting, he recommends Iconnyx.

Friday, Oct 24th, 2008