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How Can I Calculate the Amount of Bandwidths I Need ?

by Mohey Shaheen

BANDWIDTH ! .. What this idiom means ? It means data transfer and it's divided to UNLIMITED and LIMITED, this is depends on the hosting plan you choose and the company which you deal with it.
But you should ask yourself how much information can be transfered from your website to your visitors?, how much graphic, images, clips and all media files are conatined in this website?

You should calculate your image sizes. Some lazy webmasters upload big image files to their site and then sort of resize them by grabbing the corner of the image in their editor and "shrink" them. Well, that's not really making them smaller, it's just showing them smaller. The size of the file that you uploaded to your site is the size of the file that people will be downloading - even if you're forcing it to be shown at a different display size. If you're seeing a lot of bandwidth usage and if the images on your website take a long time to download, then this could be why. To fix this, you need to resize each image using a photo editing program like Photoshop.

Do you know that your website will have up to 10 MB of information? including your website's pages. I mean if one visitor is surfing your website and he browses every single page your site contains, then the transferred 10 MB of information during this visit.

Imagine if your website has 1,000 visitors browsing your website pages in one month, the total bandwidth (data transferred) for this month would reach 10,000 MB (10MB for a visitor X 1000 visitors) = (10GB).

On the other hand, if you have website smaller, you will consume less bandwidth per month. And this also depends on your traffic average, whatever your number of visitors per month was little, the less bandwidth you will consume.

Now, we can abbreviate the last in few words : To be able to calculate the amount of bandwidth you want, you need to consider :-
a) the size of your pages in your website.
b) number of the visitors to your website.
c) the kind of files you offer to your visitors.

How can you reduce bandwidth usage?
There are tow ways not to drop in the bandwidth trap :-

- The easy way is to reduce the size of the files on your site is to optimize graphics, and build cascading style sheets, call JavaScript externally if you use it instead of embedding it yourself, and don't use streaming audio or video. You can also clean up the HTML in your page by reducing the amount of META tags, white space, and comments.
- The other way is deal with a web hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. with this plan you won't need to reduce your files sizes and you don't suffer again with extra charges of bandwidth every month.

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Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2009