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How can Google and Government make you rich

by Lai Chiayee

There are literally many easy ways to make money online - Google Adsense is one of the most popular methods. You partner with Google, they place ads on your websites and share the advertising revenue with you. Many people earn nice 6 figure income from Google Adsense alone.

You might be thinking: if Google adsense is that easy, why aren't more people become rich with it? The problem is, you need huge amount of quality and unique contents that attract visitors to your sites. Most people are not born writers. Let's say your goal is to put up 1 site per week, with 100-200 pages per site. Imagine the time and energy needed to complete the task! Sure you can hire writers, but it is not cheap. The going rate for average writer is $5/article. How much are you going to pay for 1000 pages of articles? Huge investment isn't it?

So, does it mean that you should give up Adsense altogether? Certainly not, because you are going to learn a secret on how government can help you to make money with Google Adsense!

Now what if I tell you, there are millions of free articles that you can legally rewrite, modify anyway you want, and even claim your authorship? These articles: -cover many profitable Adsense niche, including iPod, finance, health, pets etc. -are written by professionals; -practically nobody is using or talking about this resource!

Drum rolls... It's called "public domain" - Material that is not copyrighted, whose copyright has expired, or is un-copyrightable, including government publication, creative commons, and Wikipedia.

So what's so fascinating with Public domain? Simply but, you can take the contents from there, re-write it and put on your website without any problem! There are so many contents in government sites and Wikipedia. Don't believe? Do a search on Wikipedia and Google Government Search engine on ANY keyword.

For example, one of my favorite niche is health. It is a niche that is moderate in competition, high in searches. People are always looking for information on certain symptoms and disease. Most importantly health related keywords are one of those high paying Adsense keywords! It is very common to earn few dollars from just one click!

Now, at push button you will be able to find wide array of health articles in government websites, including diabetes, weight loss, sexual dysfunction etc. The articles are free for you to use.

There are people who sell articles to Adsense publishers. They called it PLR (Private Label Rights) articles where the articles rights belong to buyers' after the purchase. The average membership costs around $39-$97 per month for limited amount of articles. I am never a big fan of PLR articles. Simply but, why pay for something that is supposedly free?

Finally, one very important thing to keep in mind: always re-write the articles you take from public domain. Many webmasters have been de-listed for duplicate contents on their websites. If you want long term success with Adsense, unique articles is the way to go.

Monday, Dec 18th, 2006