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Hostgator Shared and Reseller Web Hosting

by Rajat Oberai
What are the benefits of Hostgator Shared and Reseller Web Hosting? For a start, you get a free billing manager, a free merchant account, free optional hosting templates and a free eNom domain reseller account! How is that for just some of the benefits? This offer gives you the ability to host unlimited sites where you can create your own packages and prices. Your customers do not even have to know who you are. You can be anonymous, which allows you to act independently as a hosting company. This offer is not limited to just English speaking people either. In fact, the Control Panel supports 23 languages and 52 scripts are available for free use. Simple to follow instructions are found on the home page of this web site to get you started on entering into the reseller hosting industry. The latest buzz on the hosting coupons web site is Hostgator's offer of Roundcube Webmail integrated in its web hosting plans. Roundcube is built on Ajax technology and the great benefits arising from this is enhanced interactivity, and through it's interface offers spell checking, message and contact list search, multiple sender identities, multi-language support, unlimited users and messages, built-in caching for accelerated mailbox access and custom message folders. The constant development of open source projects is strongly supported by Host Gator which helps keep the costs down for reseller customers and web hosting customers. About The Author Rajat Oberai organizes Hostgator Shared and Reseller Web Hosting at http://www.hostingcoupons.org.
Monday, Nov 12th, 2007