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Guide To Web Hosting For Beginners

by Mike Sullivan

Getting your feet wet in web hosting can be really hard, especially when you don't really know what it is, how it works nor where to start.
If you're reading this article it might be the case that your boss asked you to create a website for him, or maybe you want to put a website online for your own business, your meditation group, your softball team or any other reason.

The reasons to build a website are countless, but they all have in common one thing: you'll be dealing with web hosting, from the basic understanding of what it is, understanding how happens the magic of a website going live on the internet and how this is technically done.
Putting a website online might sound very easy and with no technical difficulties, but you need to understand a variety of basic concepts that will make you able to aware of what you need to do, and how to do it.

Let's clarify a thing: it's not rocket science, don't worry! Once you understand how it works there are some tools that will help you easily set up your website and launch it making it available to everyone via the internet.
Being this topic so huge you must focus only on what you really need to know, you would get no benefits going too deep and spending time on technical stuff that you won't need.
The basic concepts you need to understand are what is web hosting, what is a web server, what is a domain name, what's the dns service and how it works.
That said you should understand which features your web hosting plan should have, what you need and what you don't need depending on the requirements of your website.

Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 2010