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Good Php Web Hosting is Hard to Find

by Scott Bowen - InftekHosting

Most people will agree that its not easy finding good php web hosting companies, much less great php web hosting companies. Many small businesses today completely avoid establishing a presence on the web because they think it is impossible to find a php web hosting company that won't take their money and provide them with awful service. One of the biggest strikes against php web hosting companies is their unreliability. All too often horror stories are told about php web hosting companies whose servers were down for two or three days, while some businesses lost out on thousands of dollars in profit because their customers weren't able to access their site. It's understandable that nobody wants this to happen; however, it is possible to find cheap php web hosting that also provides excellent service.

The key to finding great php web hosting is research. Most people make the mistake of signing up with a php web hosting company that is widely known and used by most. Unfortunately, notoriety does not always equal excellent service when it comes to php web hosting. It is the better known php web hosting services who have given php web hosting such a lousy reputation. It is these php web hosting services that provide horrible service.

In contrast, it is actually the lesser known php web hosting companies that provide great service at a low price. Because this is the case, avoid signing up with the first php web hosting company that comes up in your search. What you want to do is research a few of the lesser known and smaller php web hosting companies first and compare their features to the more popular ones. You will most likely find that the small php web hosting companies offer you more for your money.

A good php web hosting company should offer the following services: MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, CGI, Cron

All of this may seem like technical jargon to you, but make sure it is included. It will ensure that the php web hosting company will be able to support your website, no matter what software was used to develop it.


You'll need to have a rough idea of how many people will visit your site next month in order to decide on a php web hosting package that provides you with enough bandwidth. This can be difficult to do, so make sure that the php web hosting company either makes it easier to upgrade to a package that provides more bandwidth, or will at least allow you to buy more if you should reach your limit. The last thing you want is you php web hosting company shutting down your site for the rest of the month, especially if it is a big source of income.


Even if the php web hosting company doesn't offer affordable cpanel web hosting, they should at least offer it. You may find that it simplifies your life and saves you money in the long run.

Email accounts

If a php web hosting company doesn't offer unlimited email accounts then don't waste time considering them. Competition is fierce among php web hosting companies. You will find plenty who do offer unlimited email accounts.

24/7 support and 30-day guarantee

Ask yourself this question when researching php web hosting companies: why don't they offer 24/7 support or a 30-day guarantee? The answer is most likely that their service is so unreliable that they can't afford to, so make sure and to sign up only with a php web hosting company who does offer these.

It is possible to find php web hosting that is reliable and which provides the services above, and even more. You just have to research beyond the first five php web hosting companies that show up in your search, or which most people generally use. The best php web hosting companies are hidden like a precious jewel among the many poor php web hosting companies. You'll have to do some digging to find them, but in the end, it will be well worth the time and effort.

Saturday, Jan 13th, 2007