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Going Green With Web Hosting

by Garen Arnold
All around us we find that different companies are "going green." "Going green" is great way to help save the environment. Each and everyday we take part of things that hurt the environment. From operating our automobiles, that produce so much pollution to using hairspray. However, you look at it, we do things every single day that really hurt our environment, and causes us a lot of health problems later in life. To make matters worst we are harming our children by being careless.

We can make many adjustments in our life to make things better for us and our youth. Little changes can really go a long way. Luckily, there are a handful of companies that are "going green" in todays society. "Going Green" can be as simple as recycling your cans, but the most common ways web hosting companies are going green is by using solar panels, wind energy (windmills), or even using hydroelectric dams.

A web hosting company that has "gone green" will provide all the same things other companies that haven't started "going green" offer. They will provide you with shared hosting, reseller hosting, and also dedicated web hosting. The only thing that makes them different is they don't hurt the environment by operating their business.

So you might be thinking if green hosting is so noble; there must be a catch to it. Honestly, there is no catch when using business that are using renewable resources. They believe in helping the environment, just as much as you do. They do cost about $.75 - $1.50 more per month, but that is small price to pay to make a big impact with the environment.

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Thursday, Nov 12th, 2009