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Glance at the Contrast Between Windows and Linux Hosting

by Alan L Smith

Since many years the big discussion on the web community is going on about which operating system is having better feature and serves better between Windows and Linux? The debates have bobbed up trying to justify which OS is having in it to make best use of them and the way each of them maintains website over the internet.

Linux is the longtime popular contender in the website hosting industry due to its security features. Linux had marked its presence for its stability and reliability in the eyes of users because Linux is offering more secure solution then Windows, Linux is also appraised a lot for its excellent efficient servers and on the other hand, windows hosting is gaining its popularity day by day because it has improved a lot in the web hosting services. Though, one can find pros and cons in both of the hosting solution.

The Linux enhancement is handled by large community. In the past people avoid using Linux open source operating system for their hosting solution because they did not have clear understanding of its features. It is challenging to overtake Linux on price front because of its authorship as an open source operating system, Linux has no cost associated with it. Because it is absolutely free and you will also find other web development programs which are open source and so free like PHP, MySQL, and Python. These applications are running perfectly on a Linux system without any problem.

Windows hosting is developed for the business community due to the reason it is not available free. The biggest advantage over Linux is it is having capacity of hosting almost all types of applications on the same server. It has started as a small compare to Linux but nowadays Windows hosting is rapidly growing its popularity despite it is costlier system and people often praise its compatibility with various Microsoft applications and platforms. Those who are building application using.NET for them Windows is the true option.

As time goes both hosting services are greatly enhancing their ease of use and becoming advanced. The noticeable divergence between these two is the intent for which they are used for. Most of the traditional business people like Linux hosting platform for their ecommerce websites which is having many graphics and content in it whereas Windows hosting platform is more likeable for application which are having detailed and interactive characteristics.

Monday, Feb 22nd, 2010