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Free Web Hosting Services

by Abdul Salam

Free Web hosting services have grown very popular among various businesses. As the online market is growing there have developed many companies which offer free Web hosting content. But is this free hosting service reliable for a long term aspect this is the main doubt which is created in clients' minds. The first company which was offering free hosting service was gaining all its profits by advertising, by this they were offsetting their costs and eventually turned into a profitable venture. For new clients this offer of free hosting service became a very tempting offer which was very hard to resist. But in reality using these free services had often become a frustrating and a worthless experience for users.

Earlier the companies offering free Web hosting services had very poor technical support. Though they do not make a whole in your pocket but do the same for your mind because it is often frustrating when the service provider goes off line in the night and never comes back online for weeks. By this the customers have in valuable loss of both time and money. Another downside for the clients who'd run their sites on these free hosting services was that they had no control over their site as the sever owners put many adds on their site which was absolutely irrelevant with website material. This often scared the visitors and they as a result opt for some other sites.

Adding to this the free Web hosting service users were stuck either a sub domain name which was attached to the end of the site; this made it very difficult to obtain as a search result on a search engine. So any kind of worthwhile results were not available with these free hosting services. Some of these services provided the domain name of the sites which had been left idle or had been closed, these sites were often offline and unavailable to the users, which was often annoying and disastrous or business.

Due to all these thing now you would like to prefer paying for secure web hosting services, particularly if you are having business aspirations though these free Web hosting services are offering a great deal but then also you much prefer a much more secure and reliable web hosting services. Now there are thousands of web hosting services to choose from so it has become easy for the clients to choose the best service according to their requirements.

Several free Web hosting providers are offering My SQL and PHP support and a good storage and bandwidth numbers. They now offer even the facility of cPanel access where the clients can provide their own domain names. All those people having non-commercial aspirations or a tight budget free hosting service is viable choice. But as we say success doesn't come free in life, we have to some time or the other opt for more reliable services, but till then the growing free services is a profitable option.

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Wednesday, Oct 21st, 2009