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Free domain names for blogs and websites

by agomez
Free domains...everyone wants a free domain for their websites or blogs, but most know that you can't get a free TLD from nowhere ( TLD - Top Level Domain ). So, if you can't get a free TLD, the chance is that you'll look for a free, simple domain ( which is not a TLD ), to hide your long and even ugly URL ( such as http://www.whateverfreesite.com/user/johndoe/index.html ). The problem is that some free domain names are supported by ads and this may make you're site or blog look even more unprofessional than it already is considered. Now, let's clear some things up: when I visit an website, I really don't care if it is hosted free and has a free domain name, or it is a professionally built one, with a TLD. Why? Because even a free hosted site can offer you very interesting information and can have a nice design, too. So, I make no discrimination about this kind of sites. As I said, if it has good, quality content and a nice design, then it worth paying a visit. On the other hand, ad-supported domains can annoy visitors, because some of it have pop-ups or pop-unders, and we all know how annoying this things are. No one says not to make money even from free domains, but at least a hosting company or a free domain names website should choose some non-obtrusive ways of advertising to place on their domain names. What domain name should you use, that has no advertising to annoy your visitors? The answer is freedomain.biz.vi. The guys from BIZ dot VI offer free domain names ( like myblog.biz.vi ) that have no annoying or visible advertisements and are easy to remember. I'm currently using a biz.vi domain name and I'm satisfied with it. Here's the address of my blog, with the biz.vi ending: MillionFriends.biz.vi. Looks better than http://myspace.com/millionfriends, right?. If you'd like to give your blog or website a more shorter domain name, then try www.biz.vi. The service is free and I believe that you'll be satisfied with it. About the Author www.biz.vi
Monday, Jan 28th, 2008