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Five Helpful Affiliate Marketing Tips

by Al Khairy
If making money in affiliate marketing were so easy more people would do it. Although the number of people making money as in affiliate marketer is increasing there are still many people who never make anything.

Here are 5 affiliate marketing tips to help you make money.

1. Choose the niche you want to be in carefully. It is always better to sell affiliate products to people who are currently spending money in a smaller market. This way you do not have to try to create a market and you have always got potential customers to sell to.

2. Try and start out in a niche that you have a passion for, an interest in, or an expertise on. Because you will enjoy what you are doing This will make it more fun and you will see the money come in faster.

3. Start a blog and host it yourself. Never use a free blogging platform as your blog could be canceled at any time without explanation. There are many people who have gone through this with Google's Blogger.com blogging platform.

By hosting it yourself you can control the content going into it. You can also add new products and programs whenever you feel like it.

4. Create your own land landing pages and use those to build an opt in email marketing list. By having a email list you will make more sales in the future to people who do not want to purchase today.

This is an important tip because most people do not purchase on their first website visit. If you do not have a way to get back in touch with them you are wasting that traffic.

An email marketing list is a good way to sell products at any time. When you have somebody's name and email address you can email them whenever you have something new to offer.

Your list is also a great way to build relationships with people. This long term approach to affiliate marketing is an asset that will pay you back many times in the future.

5. Purchase the product before you try to sell it. Then create a review page to talk about the good things and bad things of your product. Use your review page as a way to pre sell your prospective customer before sending them through to your affiliate sales page.

This approach has been responsible for millions of dollars in affiliate sales. People use the Internet to research information and your review page can help them find the information they are looking for. Then when they are ready to buy they will purchase from you!


About the Author

Imran Al Khairy has spent hundreds of hours looking for the best ways to make money online and has come to the following conclusions. If you are not making money click here now: http://www.dreamofrich.com

Friday, Oct 2nd, 2009