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Finding a Shared Hosting Provider

by Adam
Shared host­ing is a phrase used to describe host­ing many web sites on a sin­gle server. Find­ing the right shared web host­ing provider can be cru­cial to your web site. Fea­tures, reli­a­bil­ity and price will all be impor­tant fac­tors in your even­tual decision.

Hap­haz­ardly grab­bing the cheap­est host­ing plan you find with­out tak­ing time to do proper research may cost you more hair than you orig­i­nally intended. It really is all fun and games until you spend hours on a major push or pro­mo­tion to get your site mov­ing only to dis­cover that your host­ing provider is hav­ing tech­ni­cal issues that may not be resolved for a cou­ple of days.

That being said peo­ple tend to focus on three main things when con­sid­er­ing shared host­ing plans. Band­width, stor­age and price. While it is good to make sure each of these vitals match your needs and finan­cial lim­its there are other things to con­sider in your search.

Impor­tant Features

When con­sid­er­ing a new place to host your site make sure the prospec­tive provider has all of the fea­tures you need. Things like web based email, unlim­ited email accounts and unlim­ited add-on domains can be impor­tant to how you will be able to man­age your web based properties.

Advanced script­ing and data­base tech­nolo­gies like PHP, MySQL and ASP should be con­sid­ered as well. The host­ing com­pa­nies sup­port of these tech­nolo­gies may increase the range of open source and com­mer­cial soft­ware you have to choose from should you decide to base your site on a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem, e-commerce plat­form or blog­ging script.

Good Sup­port and Well Main­tained Servers

Make sure your new prospec­tive host­ing provider will be able to pro­vide the sup­port you need. This is vari­able depend­ing on how com­fort­able you are with host­ing. Some will need twenty four - seven and 7 day per week phone, email and ticket sup­port while oth­ers are com­fort­able with just being able to sub­mit tickets.

If a host does not main­tain the soft­ware and hard­ware it uses to host your site you will find that you suf­fer more from down time and may even be more suc­cep­ti­ble to hack­ing attempts. Save your­self the frus­tra­tion and make sure your host­ing provider is run­ning cur­rent ver­sions of the fea­tures men­tioned above. If the soft­ware is old it is an even bet the hard­ware is lean­ing toward ancient as well.


There are plenty of solid host­ing com­pa­nies out there that offer amaz­ing fea­tures for a very respectable price. Tech­nolo­gies have worked together to make web host­ing cheaper than ever and with a lit­tle research you should be able to find good home for your web site.

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Tuesday, Nov 24th, 2009