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eCommerce Hosting Solutions

by Peter Emerson

Due to stiff market competition, businesses lose and gain markets and profits at breakneck speed. To cope, many companies focus their efforts and resources on strengthening core competencies and core operations—outsourcing support services such as information technology units.

Building and maintaining a Web site these days does not necessarily mean buying and maintaining your own server hardware or allocating space in your office to contain the hub in an air-conditioned environment. Doing so would mean spending on IT personnel to maintain the server, monitor power and temperature, and secure it against virus attacks and hackers. Today, there is an alternative that even small businesses can afford: e-commerce hosting solutions.

Through external hosting solutions, you need not worry about monitoring and managing the hardware and software requirements that keep your Web site on the Internet—accessible anytime, anywhere. This is important for businesses that deal in e-commerce—where minor interruptions can mean lost customers and revenue in minutes.

There are IT solutions companies whose expertise lies in providing e-commerce hosting solutions. They provide cutting edge technology that guarantees uptime for your Web site. Services include providing security systems for your server and assuring you always have memory space. Most of them offer dual 1000MHz Pentium 4 systems, with 1.5GB of memory each, and automatic power backup. They also provide a domain name for your site. They also connect you to the web through high-speed and multiple OC3 connections and state-of-the-art equipment.

Efficient and fast e-commerce Web sites are often supported by web hosts that utilize multiple backbone connections to ensure optimum Web site performance. They also feature a comprehensive routing scheme that involves redundant network infrastructure. This ensures that information still gets routed even in the case of delivery failure. A good e-commerce Web hosting agency can provide all these features and much more.

Tuesday, Oct 10th, 2006