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Does Your Website Host Offer Unlimited Domain Name Hosting

by Shelby Wright

When you choose a host for your web site do you look for a low monthly cost, low domain registration costs, high monthly bandwidth or large storage capacity? If your attention is on any of these typically heavily advertised website hosting features you may be missing out on a key benefit that could be much more important to the success of your internet business. Before you let your thinking get railroaded down the track a web host wants to take you, perhaps you should first ask them: do they host unlimited domains?

If you only have one website, hosting unlimited domains may not seem that important to you. Be assured, if you are serious about your internet business you will almost certainly be wanting to register and host multiple domains quite soon.

There are a lot of reasons why your internet business may soon expand over several websites and domain names. As the internet becomes more competitive, success is rarely to be found in broad general websites. Search engines now give a higher ranking to websites that give very specific information that is directly relevant to the exact enquiry made by a searcher. It is all about improving the quality of an internet user's experience and the value a user gains from a search engine. Closely targeted niche websites are proving to be more successful at gaining a higher search engine ranking. Many internet businesses find they get better results by operating their business through several websites, each targeting a specific market niche, rather than trying to cover all of their business through one website.

You may also find it advantageous to approach each of your business niches from several directions in different websites. Perhaps each website targets a different demographic group, with different graphics, content and a unique style in each site. They all may be selling the same product or service, but they each focus on different user benefits and values. Suppose you are selling life insurance. One funky website might target younger people with the benefit of lower premiums when they start their policy at a young age and have more disposable income. Another more conservative website may target families with an emphasis on the security benefits for the children when their parents have life insurance cover.

Some internet users like to experiment, testing the effects of different approaches to their market with different websites. Testing and continuous improvement is a powerful way to grow your business and to strengthen your competitive position.

Domain names have also become a speculative asset, and substantial returns have been made from buying distinctive domain names and either just holding or parking them, or building their page rank to add value to them.

Cost and capacity differences between web hosts that offer hosting for just one domain name are becoming minor in the very competitive web hosting business. But a host that will permit you to host unlimited domains on your account has a game changing offer that can give you powerful flexibility in growing your internet business, and the ability to slash your average hosting costs per website.

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007