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Discover the Niche Web Hosting Businesses Are Missing

by Jan Smith

Are you satisfied with your web hosting Provider or did they leave you floundering through a maze of Tech-Head stuff?

Most people, especially newbies, don't know what their service provider actually provides.

As surprising as that sounds, when you visit any web hosting service provider, you are hit with a wide range of plans available and what is included in the way of technical details with each plan; but the newbie is left to flounder around like a fish out of water ~ which is precisely what they are.

They have often barely built their first website and are now looking to launch it to the World Wide Web. So they go looking for affordable hosting. Then their needs rapidly change to affordable and serviced needs.

But the web hosting companies all seem to concentrate on the product and service is considered a 'necessary evil' and comes a very poor second in many cases.

Service should become its own product if 'normal' service requirements are exceeded. By normal service requirements, I mean where the problems actually are with the Hosting companies servers.

By services exceeding 'normal' requests, I mean set-up requests, bulleted step-by-step “guide me through the maze please" type requests are needed.

The current manual for cPanel is confusing and over-populated with technical details that leave 'newbie's' frightened and confused. Why isn't there any simple camtasia or streaming video type tutorials readily available?

Where the reality is that set-up service is what should actually become as much a part of the product offering as the ASCII script, Perl script, mSqyl, cgi, cgi/bin, DNS, Nameservers, cPanel and all the other necessary products.

Those products and / or the benefits thereof, are useless and gibberish to a newbie and many intermediate level Internet Users. Unless you are a tech head, which a large majority of internet users are not, then the frustration felt by the existing service centres ends up in their frustration being taken out on customers seeking initial and basic help. It really becomes a case of which comes first, the chicken or the egg.

The web host provider doesn't usually indicate the nature or extend or limitation of the service they are prepared to provide. They all seem to assume a level or degree of knowledge that doesn't always exist. These people are newbie’s and are only starting to 'dip their big toe' into Cyberspace. They will in due course if assisted now, be the 'big time' future customers.

Help them to grow now so that your web hosting company is assured of a very profitable and on-going customer base.

How can this be implemented?

* Do a JV with specialist Internet service providers e.g.: Web designers, Programmers, Technicians and offer their range of services along with all the various hosting plans available.

* The existing technicians currently available should be offering their services to a very broad range of web hosting companies. Finding one who will do the set-up tech-head stuff is like looking for hen's teeth. But unlike hen's teeth, I did find one and he's helpful. So either he is very bad at marketing his services or is usually too busy to bother. I suspect the later.

* Clearly state on your hosting website the level or limitation of services offered when setting up their web hosting.

* Then have various levels of assisted services offered through JV partners.

Our future is your future so let’s grow together.

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Monday, Jun 25th, 2007