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Difference Between Plesk and cPanel Dedicated Server

by Leif Cage

When you have a web hosting package for yourself you are always offered a control panel according to the operating system and the web hosting company of course. These control panels are provided to you so that you can manage your server very well. However, having a control panel with the server is optional, but it is recommended that you should have the control panel with your server as this makes your job easy and you do not have to spend more time to manage your server.

Generally, Plesk is provided with Windows dedicated servers and cPanel is provided with Linux operating systems. Both the control panels i.e. Plesk and cPanel are very good control panels and people who have used them agree to it and even have got a lot of success with both of them. These control panels are quite comparable to each other as they are good in terms of performance. They are fast, reliable and are secure enough.

But the main difference between them is the user interface. They both are good but its just the matter of your preference and the interface you like to have. If you have used any of thesecontrol panels before you plan to change your web hosting account, it is recommended that you should go with the control panel used before.

Some differences between the 2 control panels :

Advantages of Plesk control panel are as follows:

1) You will receive good support for automation if you have Plesk. This also includes an XML-RPC interface allowing PHP or Perl scripts to call functions from a remote computer.

2) With the features which are already included in Plesk control panel you will also get a large variety of Plugins which is a very great benefit.

3) When it comes to the cost, Plesk is cheaper than cPanel for unlimited domain license.

4) Plesk also supports SuSE Linux.

Important : If you are thinking about the user interface then please make sure that the Plesk interface is a bit harder in comparison to the cPanel interface. Inspite of this, most of the clients prefer to it.


Advantages of cPanel control panel are as follows :

1) Most of the software's are supported with cPanel.

2) Also, cPanel has some more features in comparison to Plesk and this is a greater benefit.

3) If you opt for cPanel for a year you will have to pay less in comparison to Plesk.

4) cPanel is easier to use if you compare it with Plesk control panel. This is the reason that many of the clients are used to cPanel and they prefer cPanel interface.

Some of the disadvantages of cPanel are:

1) XML or similar interfaces are not provided with cPanel.

2) It does not support SuSE Linux as the Plesk does.

Thursday, Oct 29th, 2009