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Developing Web Based Application using PHP

by Alan Smith

PHP is open source language and has been successfully building robust, secure and scalable applications at low costs and in a faster turnaround time. If you are looking to develop a web based application with vivid features which have an integrated database than PHP is the best technology for developing a web application integrated with database.

PHP is an open source technology, secure and popular web development framework and it is very popular nowadays. PHP has taken the web based application development methodologies to new heights. PHP is a very flexible infrastructure, environment or framework to develop various types of web applications in real time. As PHP is becoming very popular it is proving a tough competition to .Net and Java in the field of software development.

When it comes to search engine optimization PHP can be a hard nut to crack. PHP developers are facing lots of technical issues while developing PHP scripts based on SEO guidelines. The web pages require to be constantly, and manually, updated.

Earlier, the software as well as web development industry was lacking such web sites that were dynamic and would update automatically. The rise of PHP as a web application development platform ended up this issue and the era of dynamic sites has risen since PHP was accepted as a web based application development language.

The biggest advantage of PHP is, unlike ASP / ASP.Net and JAVA, PHP doesn't require specific framework to build a web base application. The good thing about PHP is developers can build PHP based web applications using any IDE on any platform with any local host installed. This simply means unlike.Net framework to develop asp application and JVM to develop java based application, PHP doesn't require specified framework or environment.

Let’s look at some features of PHP Development, To build large applications, PHP drastically reduces the amount of code required Application developed using PHP are safe and secure PHP made application is better in performance PHP is an open-source technology which is easy-to-understand and less complex language. It doesn't require lengthy and complex coding structure to build web based application. Therefore applications can be developed easily and with less time. It simply means application will be developed in faster turnaround time As PHP is an open-source language, the web applications developed using PHP costs lesser. Therefore website-owners can save lots money and have lot of multi-featured web based application also.

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