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Dedicated Servers OR Shared Servers

by Leif Cage

If you are looking for hosting server but don't know about the differences and how they works, then this article will help you out to find the best hosting solution for your website.

There are three types of servers:

1. Free Servers: Provide limited space with limited features.

2. Shared Servers: When you are on shared servers, you need to share space with other users.

3. Dedicated Servers: When you go for Dedicated Servers, you have a single computer on a web hosting network which is rented or leased and it is dedicated to a single customer. The server provider company look after the computer's hardware, network connectivity and all other routine maintenance, where user need to control and maintain the servers software.

Before deciding your package, you must think about the requirement of your website. If you are having a small business or a website with just 8 to 10 pages then you don't need to think about dedicated servers. It is pretty important to understand the requirement of space, bandwidth and most important your budget before choosing dedicated web hosting servers. The people who are having huge data space and requires good amount of bandwidth, then Dedicated server is the most excellent option for such people. Dedicated servers are having full control on entire network. The most important thing that comes with Dedicated servers is that it provides each and every service at affordable cost. These servers are having the ability to manage firewalls and password access for better security purposes.

It's good to stay with shared servers who are having a small business and do not have a heavy traffic on their websites as because we all know that dedicated servers are pretty costly than shared servers package.

At last, it is more important to understand the requirement of space, bandwidth and most of all your budgets while choosing a server. Most probably, a large website which is having a heavy traffic and need huge amount of bandwidth need to choose a dedicated server while asmall business with less traffic will carryon with shared servers.

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Sunday, Nov 15th, 2009