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Dedicated Server Hosting

by David

Unhappy with the level of service provided by your current hosting company and looking for a better option; then Hostlogic Plc is the answer. Hostlogic Plc provides dedicated server hosting which gives your business a cutting edge and is highly reliable. Their dedicated hosting is performance based and has set high standards in the hosting field.

Hostlogic’s hosting services include hosted Microsoft exchange, hosted SharePoint services, live communication server and many more. It is the one stop shop for all your dedicated server hosting needs and make sure that you get most approporiate hosting services for your business requirements in an affordable manner. The main highlight of Hostlogic Plc is that it operates in a highly secured and redundant hosting network. This hosting network is capable enough of handling hundreds of thousands of web sites and millions of e-mails per day.

The Hostlogic network is fully layered with load-balanced front end servers, clustered back-end servers and fibre channel storage network. This ultimately ensures that your hosting applications are fully optimised and operate non-stop around the clock.

Hostlogic Plc’s dedicated server hosting is accompanied with Dell Dedicated fault tolerant Servers as standard. This means full management service including patching and backup up to application level.

In addition, Hostlogic Plc offers to re-locate your web servers in their data centre with resilient internet bandwidth and power. This generally gives you remote power reboot facilities via a secure web browser.

Hostlogic Plc’s dedicated server hosting is divided into three different types. Those three different types are as follows:

• Standard Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space
• Professional Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space
• Premium Windows Dedicated Server Hosting with 200GB space.

All these three types of dedicated server hosting are designed in such a way that the customer can choose one depending upon business needs and requirements.

Hostlogic Plc’s dedicated server hosting is equipped with features such as:

• 100GB web space
• Unlimited bandwidth traffic
• Hi spec server with Pentium 4 2Ghz with 512MB ram
• 2 Static IP addresses
• Enterprise level fire walling
• Anti-spam filtering
• Anti-virus filtering

All these features are teamed with benefits such as:

• Considerable reduction in your IT maintenance and support costs
• Significant increase in the performance and availability of your web site application
• A reduction in your business traveling costs
• Increase in sales by using Microsoft Shared Hosting platform together with their Internet Marketing services
• Reduce your business risks by outsourcing your IT service infrastructure to them
• They are experts at running 24x7 systems and will help increase your reliability and scalability.

Thus, if you are looking for dedicated server hosting, share point hosting and hosted exchange please visit www.hostlogic.co.uk

David is well known author who write about web hosting, dedicated server, microsoft exchange server etc. For more information on Web Hosting visit www.hostlogic.co.uk.

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2007