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Deciding a hosting plan

by dineshkumar

Hosting is a part of your website wherein the files of the website are kept on live servers so that everyone can open the website and review information. Hosting involves a number of technicalities and thus it becomes necessary to understand each & every aspect of hosting so that you can buy the very best hosting plans for your website.

It is your duty to know that which type of hosting your site may require as it's not your wish but the necessity of your website. If your website is static one and has less than 500 pages which may not be updated frequently then you should go for Shared Hosting while if you have a website wherein 1000s of users will register everyday then you will have to think of Dedicated or Managed Hosting. The basic difference between Shared & Dedicated Hosting is that a Dedicated server hosts only your website and not any other while 1000s of other people may host website on a shared server. The other difference is of pricing - you can get a shared hosting plan starting from US$ 6/ month while you will have to adjust in dedicated hosting where plans start from US$ 150/ month.

Next is the technology which can alter your decision to buy a hosting plan. If your website is developed on Microsoft technology then you have no option but to choose hosting on a Windows server while if your website is developed on LAMP technology then you have all the options open but it's wise to host on a Linux based server if your website is developed in LAMP.

The other things that you must look for before deciding on a host are - the downtime duration/ frequency of the server, the level of support extended by the host, the issue resolving time taken, server backup and upgradation options available with them. The above are some of the things which should be considered before deciding on a hosting plan.

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Sunday, Nov 29th, 2009