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Database Hosting Unveiled

by Darryl Power

The world of business has drastically changed because of computer and Internet technology. The business process that I have learned from school and from my forefathers is very different from what is being applied nowadays. In order to be abreast with technological breakthroughs and remain competitive in the emerging global economy, we should embrace that which we don't fully understand: the information age.

By now, most of businesses, including family enterprises like ours, have already started to use computers in keeping our records, customers database and even advertising or marketing campaigns. However, all businesses should start to get ready for growth, in preparation for the opening of the world market.

A good way to prepare is to ensure that all your important business data, now and in the future, are stored and guarded carefully and diligently. We also need to ensure that all our systems and business processes are fully automated - from procurement to inventory stocking, and customer service to human resource. To guarantee the success of the automation of our business processes, we will most likely need database hosting.

Definition of database hosting In order to fully understand the meaning of database hosting, we should be familiar with the terms database and database host. A database is an electronic information warehouse. It is the collection or compilation of data in rows and tables, organized in a manner that can easily be searched and retrieved through a computer.

A database host, on the other hand, is a type of dedicated server that will be utilized to run or manage a database application. The server can be used solely for the database or in conjunction with a website.

Basically, database hosting is simply using a dedicated server to run database programs. Such programs are tasked to set up a database and help integrate different computer applications, whose aim is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of business management and operations.

Selection of database hosting provider It is very important to ensure that the database hosting company you are going to choose has the software and technology that is needed to meet your storage requirements. If you intend to automate your business process, you should also look into the ability of the database hosting company to provide your integration needs.

Business functions that will benefit from database hosting As I have mentioned earlier, database web hosting can be useful in stock inventory, accounting services, procurement, etc. However, business functions that will benefit most from database hosting are those that require storage and easy access of a huge amount of data.

Examples of business functions that will greatly benefit from database web hosting provider are the Information Management and the Customer Service Management systems. Both functions are dependent on the proper storage and easy access of information. An efficient and effective customer service management system would help find prospective customers and keep strong business relationships with existing clients.

Information is the heart of all businesses nowadays, especially because of our increasing dependence in the Internet and computer technology. Gone are days when all the papers about our stocks, customers and sales are in ledgers inside filing cabinets. Now, all necessary business operation information is stored in computers, hard disks or even the web with database web hosting Thus, companies need efficient and reliable database storage facilities, just like what is being provided by database hosting companies.

Monday, Jun 23rd, 2008