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CPanel Hosting

by Amy B Xu

What is cPanel and why are cPanel hosting services so popular?

cPanel is one of the top choices for control panels among web host providers. It's really simple to understand and provides the end user with a myriad of features. Most host providers choose to use cPanel, because it is already a trusted source and very versatile. Their customers can enjoy maintaining all areas of their site from one manageable location. For instance, they can add and manage their domains and email accounts, install and upgrade popular web applications, back up and protect their files, and track everything related to their site.

How does cPanel hosting compare to hosting with other control panels?

cPanel is already a very popular control panel, because it is rich in features and offers users with pretty much everything they need to manage their sites. Of course there are a number of web host providers that choose to use other popular control panels or even create a custom one specific to their needs. The interface that cPanel has is very user-friendly and well organized. From a customer's perspective, they like to continue using products they are comfortable with, which makes switching from one web host to another a breeze if they both run on cPanel. Learning to use a completely new control panel is not something people enjoy doing. There are an overwhelming number of website owners that are already using cPanel and will continue to appreciate and benefit from its service. There are many other very worthwhile control panels to use, most offering pretty much the same features that cPanel has. The major difference is the interface therefore choosing the perfect one basically comes down to personal preference.

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Thursday, Nov 5th, 2009