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Corporate branding across multichannel ecommerce

by Diane Forster

Online marketplaces are a popular way to sell and market your products and services, which in time can actually lead traffic directly to your ecommerce website. If you are an online retailer and are selling your products across multiple online channels such as eBay, Amazon, PriceMinister, Play.com and Fnac, you should aim to maintain a level of brand consistency across all ecommerce channels to instill customer confidence and trust.

The ecommerce experts at Advansys, the team behind ecommerce website designs such as Yakult, Lucozade Sport and Barloworld, have an in-depth understanding of all online retail channels. We have asked Advansys' lead creative designer why corporate brand is essential: "If you have an ecommerce solution, eBay store design, and Amazon shop that all differ appearance, your company's online identity will look unprofessional. Its essential to keep brand consistency across all retail channels in terms of both design, and customer service, to maintain a high level of customer trust and confidence. Trust is essential for online success, and should be taken seriously for success online". Online channels such as eBay and Amazon offer a level of store modification, which should be used to your full advantage. eBay offer you the ability to completely modify your eBay shop design and eBay listings page design to your exact requirements. The ecommerce experts at advansys offer fully bespoke eBay store design that can actually reflect your ecommerce solution, whist following eBay user expectations.

The advansys eBay store designs have increased customer confidence significantly leading to sales increasing at an average rate of 20%. Another question often asked, is how can you maintain the same level of customer service across multichannel ecommerce? An ecommerce solution from advansys comes complete with a bespoke content management system (CMS) which enables you to update and manage your ecommerce website design, quickly and easily. The advansys ecommerce CMS is completely flexible and can be adapted to your requirements.

This means Advansys integrate any online marketplace into your bespoke CMS, allowing you to manage all retail channels (including web, retail store and telephone orders) from one single, easy to use interface. If you want a multichannel ecommerce solution, bespoke to your business requirements, contact the ecommerce experts at advansys who have over 10 years experience in ecommerce development, web marketing and search engine optimization.

Tuesday, Mar 2nd, 2010