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Cloud File Sharing Software ownCloud Launches Beta of Updated Community Version

by Nicole Henderson

Cloud file sharing software ownCloud has made several updates to the community edition of its open source file sync and share project.

The latest version of ownCloud, released in beta on Tuesday, features the ability to assign a sub-adminisrator to a group to handle account management, desktop fast syncing, enhanced permissions, and support of shared calendars so end users can view shared calendars across multiple devices.

“This beta does a great deal to scale, enhance the user experience and increase control of ownCloud,” Frank Karlitschek, founder of ownCloud said in a statement. “Personally, I also really like the shared calendar functionality because it demonstrates clearly that we can live in a world of device and location independence securely and privately.”

In March, ownCloud launched a partner program for partners, including web hosts, who distribute the platform access to customer referrals, special pricing, marketing assistance and technical support.

ownCloud currently has more than 600,000 users worldwide. It is unclear how many users it has through its partners

Its users can host their own data sync and share services on their own hardware and storage, use public hosting and storage offerings or both. With the latest version, external cloud storage from providers like DropBox or Google can be integrated into an ownCloud user account and be part of the ownCloud user folders.

Shared address books can now be synced to other devices with the latest version of ownCloud, and contacts can be dragged and dropped between address books.

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Wednesday, Sep 5th, 2012