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Choosing The Wrong Web Host Could Kill Your Business

by tbeachum
As an Internet Marketer I know first hand that we are sometimes so focused on the big picture that we sometimes overlook the small details. I mean you have to do market research, to see if you even have a product that will sell. Then you have to create a plan of action for your website, and then… It's time to put all of the pieces together.

I know when I was launching my first site I was so excited. Everything was done to perfection "EXCEPT" finding a good web hosting provider. My train of thought at that time was a hosting provider was a hosting provider. After all they only had to provide me with a little space, and the rest was up to me.

Boy was I wrong! I had optimized my site and had excellent search engine rankings. At that time I had an opt-in list of about 5,00 people and a little over 40 JV partners who were ready to fire on my command. D-Day finally arrived I pushed the button and the launch was going well for the first two hours. Then disaster struck! My site went down and was down for over twelve hours. I literally lost thousands of dollars because I tried to initially save about ten bucks.

I realize that this is all apart of doing business. I just sought out another web hosting company and had my site back up and running the next day. This time I realized that I could not get my website ranked in any of the major search engines. After a few months and a ton of investigation the mystery was solved. The web hosting providers IP was on the black list. Which meant that no one on their server was able to get ranked in the search engines.

At this time the words of my grandmother began to ring through my head. She use to say, "If you want something done right… Do it yourself!" So that's what I did – I started my own web hosting company.

Although I would appreciate your business, my purpose for writing this article wasn't for me to drum up business for my web hosting company. There are a lot of excellent companies out there that you could use. The question that I need you to ask yourself is, do you really want to take the chance on loosing hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Some web hosting companies provide you with a huge list of items. This is to make you believe that you are getting this deal which is truly incredible. I love the companies that offer you a thousand emails, two hundred GBs of bandwidth, and any other thing that they can throw in their. You would be amazed at how often this marketing gimmick works, and right now as you are reading this - another victim is going to be scammed.

I am going to give you a simple solution, to an overwhelming problem.


Tim Beachum – Successful Internet Marketer, and Film Maker author of "The Ultimate Guide To Self-Promotions" and "Money Making Secrets Vol. 1"

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Tim Beachum
Monday, Apr 2nd, 2007