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Choosing the correct web host

by Kevin Reid

When you find you have either outgrown your old host or that there service is just not up to scratch anymore then this is the time you need to go out do some research and ensure you find a suitable web host for your site that will also allow you have room to grow.

Now you need to have a budget this will ensure your site is paid for and also some spare change incase you need to upgrade your hosting plans in the future when your site grows.
So make sure you have a contingency fund for all eventualities.

Ok so what type of hosting do you need. ASP, PHP, Ruby, or just plain html used. Make sure you know exactly what the host is offering before you jump in some may only do PHP or ASP others may actually do a combination of them. So read up on there plans on the website before purchasing to ensure they have everything your site needs to run.

So your site ran out of bandwidth at your current host and you need to move elsewhere. There are plenty of sites that offer the crazy unlimited bandwidth option. Let me tell you now there is no such thing as unlimited as we all should know. So whether you need a larger shared hosting plan a VPS or right up to a dedicated server then you need to be sure you have the right size of plan to cope with your sites BW and won’t fall short within 3-6 months. Always plan your hosting in the future.

Finding a Host:
This can be an area where you can stumble at the final hurdle. Searching Google and clicking the first you see with your type of plan is never enough. You need to do some research. What I suggest is when you find one to suit your site and budget is contact the host via live chat, this will give you an average response time. Then if they supply a telephone number call it at an unsuitable time say 2am if they answer excellent if not then why not is what you need to ask. Now if these 2 support options work and you think yea I would feel comfortable with my site here you need to do one more task. Find user reviews not paid reviews actual user reviews these will tell the true story of the company, to do this get your self over to some web hosting forums sign up and do a little digging. This will really benefit you and your site in the future when you stay online with little or no downtime.

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Article By Kevin Reid

Kevin Runs http://inspirewebmasters.com/
Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2009