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Choosing the Best WAHM Website Hosting

by Stephanie Davies

Before you decide on a hosting package based solely on price, you really need to think about the needs of your business, not just now, but in the near future.

For the most part, WAHM businesses are small operations, however, you don't want to sell yourself short when it comes to choosing a hosting plan. Your budget should definitely be a consideration, but if getting the best plan for your website means stretching it a little, it could turn out to be a worthwhile investment in your business.

Before you choose a WAHM hosting package, here are 3 things you need to consider:

What does your website consist of?

A website with a few pages of text and pictures isn't going to require a substantial amount of disk space, so a package offering 50 MB of disk space will be sufficient. However, if you have many graphics, pictures, text, scripts, and a database, then you will want to choose a package with 100 MB to 500 MB of disk space to accommodate your current needs.

Determining the size of your website is a big factor in choosing a hosting plan, so make sure you take the time to understand what your business consists of.

What are your short term business goals?

Even if you do not have a large website right now, you need to think about the short term goals that you want to accomplish. Are you planning on adding more products or services to your current line? Do you want to start a mailing list? Do you want to add scripts, such as a blog or project management program? Do you plan on increasing your traffic flow? All these things eventually add up to more disk space usage, and if you go ahead and pay for a year's worth of hosting of a small package, you could find yourself in a jam when you run out of disk space.

Spend a few minutes jotting down your short term goals, so that you will have a better idea of how your business is going to progress in the next few months. Once that's done, it will be easier to select a wahm hosting package that is suited to your goals.

What are your long term business goals?

A common occurrence with wahm businesses is that they tend to grow much more then anticipated, and plans quickly change. Understanding what your webhost offers in their hosting packages can save a lot of hassles in the long run, like having to switch hosting providers. Carefully review all the features and guarantees. If your future growth means adding a team of sales representatives; will you be able to do that with your hosting package?

Don't make the mistake of jumping in with both feet just because the price is right, you have take into account the short and long term needs of your business, not to mention customer support and uptime. The last thing you want is a support team you can never get in touch with, a website that is always down, and a hosting package that doesn't suit your business.

Review the hosting features and prices, reflect on your business goals, and make sure you ask questions if there is something you don't know, or understand before you choose a package!

Saturday, Jan 13th, 2007