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Cheap Hosting Solutions VPS, Dedicated, Shared Top Rated Hosting Reviews

by Brandon Zimmerman

Cheap-Hosting-Solutions.net is proud to announce its launch. We at Cheap-Hosting-Solutions.net have taken it upon ourselves to provide a service for the Hosting Community, but more specifically for those who are seeking Hosting Solutions. It can be increasingly difficult to find a Suitable Host for your personal needs, web based business, or large corporation. It is extremely important to know what to look for, where to look for it, and what things to be weary of.


We've done due diligence in researching, studying, and critiquing popular hosting companies to answer many of the questions perspective buyers have. It is our goal at Cheap-Hosting-Solutions.net to provide a safe, risk free means of rating hosting companies so that you can be confident in your selection and can truly get the most out of your host. We offer several specific lists to easily categorize the type of hosting your looking for.

<h2>Linux Unix Cheap Hosting</h2>

Cheap Linux / Unix Hosting is one of the most popular inquiries on the Internet. It is no wonder as the majority of websites one the Internet are hosting on this platform. It has become increasingly difficult to sift through the thousands of hosting companies in the market today in order to find the one thats right for you. Many boast of near 100% uptime, perfect reliability, and superb support. Sadly the reality is many of those claiming such things do not have the resources to facilitate this. We've carefully combed through all of the top names in Cheap Linux / Unix Hosting in order to make it easier for those who are in need of a reliable, stable, Cheap Linux / Unix Host.

<h2>Windows Cheap Hosting</h2>

Cheap Windows Hosting is next on the list of top web hosting related searches. There is a very large demographic of companies and individuals that require Windows Hosting as it is a very popular platform for Website Hosting and Programming. Finding a reliable Windows Hosting Provider can prove to be just as difficult as a good Linux / Using Hosting Provider. In recent years, Windows Hosting has become standard with many Hosting Companies. This is evident in the recent price drops of Windows Hosting Environments. In past times, it was not uncommon for there to be added fees associated with Windows Hosting Solutions. However, in recent times, it is more common to see Windows Hosting for the same price as Linux / Unix Hosting. We've researched many Top Windows Hosting Companies to bring the best in Windows Hosting and ensure you have all of the information needed before making a well informed educated decision.

<h2>Virtual Private Server Cheap Hosting</h2>

Cheap Virtual Private Servers are a commodity in today's fast paced Hosting World. Virtual Private Servers offer the ability to have a more customized hosting environment based solely on what you need as an individual or a business. Traditionally the only way to achieve such a customized platform was to spring for a Dedicated Server. The problem with that though, is many are not ready for the commitment, price, and complication associated with most Dedicated Servers. Virtual Private Servers offer much of the same freedom for much lower prices. We've done much research in the area and have complied an informative list of the Top Virtual Private Server Companies in the market today. With technical specifications, reviews, and ratings, you can have full confidence in the Virtual Private Server Company you decide on.

<h2>Dedicated Server Cheap Hosting</h2>

Cheap Dedicated Servers are another field we have looked into. Dedicated Servers offer the ultimate in a Customized Hosting Environment. With increased security, stability, and speed " Dedicated Servers are becoming the standard for many Business Websites. Offering a much more sensible solution for those who require Constant Uptime, Reliability, and Stability in their Hosting Provider. We at Cheap-Hosting-Solutions.net have studied all the Top Dedicated Server Companies to compile the perfect list of Cheap Dedicated Server Companies and Reliable Dedicated Server Companies. Finding the perfect balance between price and reliability. You can now have full confidence in your choices for Dedicated Server Providers.


We hope you will find our work useful in your selection of a Hosting Provider. It is important to know what your looking for and even more important to know what your getting into. That is what we are here for. Visit our site for Full Comprehensive Hosting Company Ratings and Reviews.


IX Web Hosting, PowWeb, Hostmonster, Bluehost, StartLogic, IPower, Midphase, LunarPages, AN Hosting, and EasyCGI are all currently rated and reviewed on our site.

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