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Canadian Or American

by Carl Ocab
Why Do a Lot Of Customers Prefer Canadian Hosting Instead Of American More and more, webmasters are turning to Canadian web hosts instead of American web hosts because of the wider range of features and lower monthly rates offered by the Canadian companies. The three top web host companies in Canada are StartLogic, Bluehost and iPowerWeb. All three offer great hosting, customer service and support, along with spacious storage and a number of email accounts. They also have reasonable monthly rates for their service that includes great speed and reliability, which is very important for any webmaster to consider. Any downtime is time that your site isn't live and you aren't making money. If you live in or near Canada and you are currently looking for hosting, you should check out a Canadian web host. You may be surprised at the service they provide for the price the offer. Compare several companies and find out which suits you the best. If you currently have hosting but aren't happy with your service, you may also want to look into a Canadian web hosting. You can compare the features of your plan with the features provided by the Canadian web host and compare the prices. Also be sure to compare the percent downtime/uptime stated by each company. Shopping around is the best way to find the best service and price for web hosting. Make a list ahead of time with what you are looking for to make sure you get the best deal available to you. Making a list also helps make sure that you aren't paying for features that you don't need. And be sure to check out Canadian web hosting companies, as they often have the best features at the best prices. Continue reading articles like this in the Affordable Web Hosting blog, We review Web Hosting Providers for free. Don't miss it, visit us now! http://www.affordablewebhostingblog.com/
Monday, Oct 29th, 2007