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Can I use a Personal Hosting for my Small Business?

by Dominic Gardner

Today, web hosting has become a basic need for every website who wants to get an online success. Due to high demand of hosting, numerous website hosting companies are offering cheap shared web hosting solutions. But, how can you be sure that these cheap website hosting will provide you best support and service in future too.

There are various web hosting packages available for small business, but it totally depends on your business requirements. A simple personal hosting package is also an ideal solution for a small business. The first thing you should know is that “Quality never comes Cheaper”, so going for a cheap solution, you cannot expect it to be of good quality. For example: if you compare two web hosting providers, more than a shared web hosting you will always find that a personal hosting is much reliable and flexible.

On other hand if you look at the features and service they both offer, in terms of diskspace, bandwidth and tools, you will notice that they offer the same thing, but the only thing that makes much difference is the uptime and technical support they offer you. A cheap shared hosting plan may save you a handful of bucks, but you cannot compare it with the loss of business which you will face after going with a cheap shared hosting provider. It is far better to opt for a personal website hosting so that you will always be relaxed about the 24×7 tech support and service and focus on your small business.

Many people gets confused while choosing a web hosting provider for their small business. To make it easier, following points should be consider to get a quality service.

Going for a cheap website hosting is not always favorable, and nor I would recommend you to opt for an expensive hosting solution as well. It is you, who need to list the requirements and do a research about the hosting providers to see what suits your budget and hosting requirements. After all, your whole business depends on the exceptional service that your web host provides.

Comparing all of the important characteristics like bandwith and disk space, features, control panel and technical support always helps you to choose an affordable hosting plan. While starting your small business you may not require much bandwidth and web space, but as your website pages increases you will need to expand your webhosting needs. It is better to go with such web hosting provider who will let you to upgrade your existing hosting plan for more bandwidth and space.

You should also consider and compare the features like tech support they offer, whether they have auto responders, whether they provide cPanel free with the hosting package or have to pay extra charges for it. Whether they offer a full support for PHP and MySQL databases. And, most importantly a shopping cart and SSL certificate which are the most important things for an online business.

Before going with any web hosting provider, remember that your investment will be for a long term, and if you expect a hosting that offers you advanced features and a good uptime, Personal Hosting is always an ideal solution for you.

Saturday, Nov 7th, 2009