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Buying and Selling Domain Names

by OnlineWebMarket

"Domain names are only registered for a limited amount of time, usually between 1-10 years. After this period all rights associated to the domain name expire and the user is forced to renew again.

Many people buy and sell domain names a few hours a week as a means of income. There are two main reasons someone would be willing to buy a domain name, the first being that they let their own domain name expire and are trying to buy it back. They likely have spent years building up traffic and don't want to lose it.

Another likely reason someone may pay a lot of money for a domain name is because they are in the same industry as the one that has let the name expire. This will pay you to secure the existing custom of a rival company.

You can find many sources for expired domain name information including research tools that sometimes require a small fee. If you want to invest money in buying and selling domain names limit your number of purchases to ones you know are a hit. When looking at expired domain names makes sure traffic in the last month is at least 1500. Make sure you are investing your money into something that is going to show you profit.

Obviously if you are lucky enough to run into a site that has tens of thousands in traffic numbers get it as fast as you can. You will be sure to know that if the previous owners are trying to get their hands on it, someone else is!

Some of the profits seen in this business of buying and selling domain names there have been some serious winners in the past, making as much as $250,000 on a single domain name."

Thursday, Jan 25th, 2007