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Blogger Hosting On Your Own Site

by Stephen Cope
Many first time bloggers on blogger.com choose to host their blog on the blogger.com server because it is the easiest to implement and is completely free. However if you do then your blog name is a subdomain of blogger.com, meaning it will look like this:


and your blog pages will be physically located on the blogger.com servers. Although this can seem attractive as you have a blog, and it hasn't cost anything it does have a number of problems:


  • You are completely dependent on blogger.com- As with any free hosting the rules may change or the provider may go out of business or stop offering the service.
  • Your blog name is not Brandable- This is because it is a subdomain of blogger.com
  • Your blog and website are completely separate- This problem is a major one if you also run a website ,as with this configuration any links to your blog are not credited to your website. So if you blog becomes popular your site doesn't see any benefit. Your blog and website are two different sites which you need to manually link

The solution is simply to host the blog on your own website. Blogger.com gives you the option of storing your blog on their servers or transferring it to your own server. To use this option you need both an existing domain name and a web hosting provider.

I use this on my own website and publish the blog in a subdirectory. I own the domain and hosting space, and so if blogger.com stops tomorrow I still have my blog, but would need to find a new way of managing it. The blog you will find here www.build-your-website.co.uk/blog

Many however choose to set up a subdomain and host it there. If I did this it would then look like this. blog.build-your-website.co.uk. The sub domain option tends to be the one favoured by most and the one I would choose for my next site.

Friday, Jan 19th, 2007