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Best Linux Hosting - Why Designers Like It?

by Garen Arnold
Linux is used for web hosting and seems to be a tad bit more stable to Windows web hosting. I actually do prefer Linux based hosting over Windows. Linux is often referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP.) Linux hosting uses open sourced code, which makes very cheap. The majority of the Linux shared hosting services I have come across do offer free setups, which is a nice feature. It does help to keep the cost down, too.

I am sure that if you have already done your homework on this type of web hosting you know that it is the better of the two. Linux hosting is actually very flexibly in terms of support. Linux is an opened source Unix based operating system that supports PHP, MySQL, Python, and XML. Another added plus to Linux web hosting that it supports Telnet which Windows does not support.

Another great thing about this hosting is that the popular blog Wordpress is written in PHP code which Linux supports. One of the great things about PHP is that it is a server bases script, which means that it lives on the web server and does functions according to its code. With PHP, the standard for coding, you can even update the script in a common program such as notepad or text edit.

All in all, I recommend using Linux because of it script support and it tends be be cheaper since they use open-source code. Windows can change more because they are produced by the software giant Microsoft, which is a commercial bases OS (operating system.)

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Best Linux Hosting Linux web hosting is hands-down better than Windows hosting. I would recommend that you start using Linux hosting if you are not already. We highly recommend that you read our Hostmonster Review or our FatCow Review. These are both great blog hosting companies

Thursday, Oct 22nd, 2009